Table 1.

Disease severity, functional activation, and performance: hypoxic vs. nonhypoxic disease

VariableHypoxicNonhypoxicP Value
Total sleep time376±28383±320.3
Sleep efficiency83±1286±90.22
Stage 126±628±40.38
Stage 3 + 47±57±30.7
REM sleep15±316±40.42
AASM arousal index52±848±120.3
Minimum SaO271±1291±3<0.001
2-Back RT1,066±450750±2130.10
Baseline RT632±199500±1960.20
Voxels AC8,844±1,06610,164±8,1080.79
Voxels PPC23,586±13,00427,084±14,6820.62
%BOLD AC0.49±0.20.72±0.390.19
%BOLD PPC0.76±0.290.59±0.290.25
  • Values are means ± SD. REM, rapid eye movement; AASM, American Academy of Sleep Medicine; RDI, respiratory disturbance index; AHI, apnea-hypopnea index; SaO2; arterial oxygen saturation; RT, reaction time (ms); AC, anterior cingulate; PPC, posterior parietal cortex; BOLD, blood oxygen level dependent.