Table 2.

Chronological presentation of the measurements performed on days 1 and 2

Day 1 (Treadmill Measurements) Day 2(Track Measurements)
Dynamometer test  Maximal isometric force Recovery (10 min)Maximal aerobic power test  V˙o 2 max  LTRecovery (20 min) MART  V MART 20-m and 5J test  V 20 m and CT  Distance, m Recovery (10 min) Submaximal running  REtrack 1  REtrack 2 Recovery (10 min)5K  V 5K  CVLs  CT, SR, SL, Fz, Fy
  • o 2 max, maximal O2 uptake; LT, lactate threshold; MART, maximal anaerobic running test; V MART, maximal velocity of the MART; 5J, 5 forward jumps; V 20 m, maximal 20-m velocity; CT, contact time; RE, running economy; 5K, 5-km time trial;V 5K, average velocity of 5K; CVL, constant-velocity lap (200 m); SR, stride rate; SL, stride length; Fz and Fy, vertical and horizontal ground reaction force, respectively.