Table 2.

Intramyocellular lipid

VariableEucaloric GroupHypocaloric Group
LAI, %3.91±0.582.98±0.38*3.85±0.602.46±0.30*
IMCL area, μm2243.9±29.5176.3±14.0*229.8±34.9165.6±17.8*
Fiber area, μm26,586.0±539.06,144.0±420.26,116.0±376.26,855.0±389.3
  • Values are means ± SE. Study groups are described in Table 1. IMCL, intramuscular lipid; LAI, lipid accumulation index, i.e. the mean percentage area of an individual skeletal muscle fiber that stains for lipid.

  • * Statistically significant difference from the preintervention value, P < 0.05.