Table 1.

Demographic and clinical variables for control subjects

Mean (SD)Range
Age, yr50 (13)29–71
BMI, kg/m230.6 (5.0)19.2–36.5
EF, %73 (11)52–88
HR, beats/min63 (6)55–70
LVEDP, mmHg16 (4)10–20
E/A1.30 (0.26)1.01–1.83
DT, ms166 (25)131–203
  • Values represent data from 7 men. BMI, body mass index; DT, deceleration time; E/A, ratio of peak E- to A-wave velocity; EF, ejection fraction by ventriculography; HR, heart rate; LVEDP, left ventricular end-diastolic pressure.