Table 1.

Summary of the polysomnographic data for the Antarctic group and the control group

Good Sleeper Control Group (N = 12)Antarctic Group (N = 9)
MeanSDMeanSDtP Value
SE, %92.724.0980.736.995.079<0.001
TST, min412.5032.29342.55127.351.770.104
SOL, min24.9212.614.093.485.498<0.001
WASO, %5.004.2519.527.37−5.783<0.001
SWS, %31.999.3713.2410.024.531<0.001
LS, %42.557.9633.628.082.602<0.05
R, %16.814.5133.6211.82−4.247<0.005
R latency, min137.7546.2956.2745.854.236<0.001
SWS latency, min33.9213.26148.2296.12−3.542<0.010
R-SWS, min378.33441.36−86.44127.833.46<0.005
  • SE,:sleep efficiency; TST, total sleep time; SOL, sleep onset latency; WASO, wake after sleep onset; SWS, slow-wave sleep; LS, light sleep = stages S1 and S2; R, stage R sleep = rapid eye movement sleep; R-SWS = latency between the first R episode and the first SWS episode.