Table 2.

Summary of results on skeletal and cardiac muscle-enriched/specific ci-miRNAs

Ci-miRNA Response
    Maximal cycling testHealthy, trained men(7)
    Maximal cycling testHealthy men and women(101)
    Maximal cycling testMen with heart failure(116)
    Maximal running testHealthy, inactive men(26)
    Sprint cyclingHealthy, active men(21)
    High intensity interval cyclingHealthy, trained men(22)
    Endurance cyclingHealthy, trained men(22)
    Endurance cyclingHealthy, trained menn.d.n.d.(77)
    Endurance cyclingHealthy, trained men(101)
    Endurance cyclingHealthy menn.d.n.d.(4)
    Uphill walkingHealthy, active menn.d.n.d.(9)
    Downhill backward walkingHealthy, active menn.d.n.d.(9)
    Endurance runningHealthy men(40)
    Half marathonHealthy, active men(39)
    Marathon and 10 km runHealthy, trained men(25)
    MarathonHealthy, trained men(8)
    MarathonHealthy, trained men(75)
    MarathonHealthy, trained men(20)
    MarathonTrained men and women with hypercholesterolemia(70)
    MarathonTrained men and women with hypercholesterolemia using statins(70)
    MarathonHealthy, trained men(101)
    Resistance exerciseHealthy, active men(92)
    Resistance exerciseTrained men and women(101)
    Resistance exerciseHealthy, inactive men(65)
    Cycling trainingHealthy menn.d.n.d.(4)
    Cycling trainingHealthy, trained men(77)
    Rowing trainingHealthy, trained men(7)

n.d., not detected.