Journal of Applied Physiology

Construction and use of self-guiding, right heart and pulmonary artery catheter

William P. Fife, Bae Suk Lee


A catheter has been developed which can be easily and rapidly implanted in the right heart or pulmonary artery. Fabricated from Tygon tubing, the catheter contains a thin section located 2 cm from the distal end. This results in a tip which follows the bloodstream without special manipulation. During implantation, its position is monitored by the use of a pressure transducer, thus eliminating the need for fluoroscopy. Since the catheter is self guiding, it may be implanted with ease from such distal locations as the femoral vein. It can be used to inject substances directly into the heart or pulmonary artery or to withdraw blood samples. It also can be used to make pressure recordings from these areas.

cardiac catheter; pulmonary pressure monitoring; right atrium pressure monitoring; right ventricle pressure monitoring; pulmonary artery wedge pressure; blood sampling from pulmonary artery; blood sampling from right ventricle; infusion into right ventricle; infusion into pulmonary artery

Submitted on February 10, 1964